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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

What did I do today…

Let's see. What did I do today?


I went to my parents home today where my bigger computer is:


Quad Core Xeon 3.0ghz

4GB of RAM

Windows Vista OS (I know…

2TB of hard-drive space


It has Adobe's Photoshop and a few other software I can use to edit a few of my websites. I installed a few new WordPress plugins as well as the WYSIWYG plugin in the blog post below this. I also installed a new design on this website and made a few minor changes. 


What did I eat today? 

I ate some very traditional Taiwanese food consisting of chips (Fries), egg and chicken. OK more over I would consider that English-type food which my Dad admittedly cooked for me. It was nice. Then for dinner we went to the traditional Taiwanese KFC. Except we ordered the chicken without spice as Taiwanese people seemingly like spicy chicken… or something. I ate some very fatty food today, but my metabolism seems to be extremely high and I seem to be losing weight no matter what I eat. (I think I previously did too much exercise and my body now has time to catch up now that I'm not exercising so much)


I talked with my family and checked up on how things were going with them. – Things seem to be going fine and are normal. I asked my mom a few questions in Chinese and she corrected a few of my characters in my extensive book of Chinese characters; which I have to only practice characters. Although I do know I have to practice the grammar which is seemingly more important in my tests than ever. Especially if I want to combine a load of sentences together. 


But yeah things are going alright. I'm still disappointed in how I think I done in my mid-term test, but hey, what happens, happens even if things do suck concerning that. I still have time. There isn't any need to worry too much I feel.


Tomorrow I will be going to Nantou with a few friends as a Japanese guy (Called Ken) invited a few of us to go with him, although I suspect he didn't expect so many people to come. (Over 10+ people)


I also have to say that taxi's here aren't expensive in comparison to London but I will have to admit that in comparison to everything else that is here, taxi's are quite expensive. That is all for today!

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