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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Random Snapshots

Mahh doggy v2

Mahh doggy v2

I haven’t been doing much recently. I’ve mainly been focusing on promoting a few of my old websites and keeping traffic up on those. For the moment I’m just chillin’! I should be heading off to South Korea soon! Awesome pictures will ensue!

NY Bagel!

New York Bagel Cup.

NY Bagel food!

This is a somewhat popular place to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food is delicious. This is New York Food. This particular dish is called the Benedict Salmon something, it tastes really good! The two white things in the picture eggs and I love the way they cook it!

Camera settings

Just testing out my phone’s camera setting.

Delicious dessert!

Delicious dessert @ NY Bagel!

My doggy!

My doggy!

Mahh doggy

Mahh doggy

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