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Why is gay marriage wrong?

Okay, so I have read up on this and heard opinions on both sides of the argument.

Predominantly religious people say being gay is wrong in the first place, so of course they’ll object to the marriage of two people of the same gender. But that’s their religious opinion speaking out there.

So before I go any further into explaining any argument, I’ll say this: I don’t believe in religion which also means I don’t think religion should be involved when it comes to any sort of politics which effects the public.

Places like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other countries not just in the Middle East are good examples for the world to look at and to see why religion shouldn’t be involved.

Religion clearly has not stepped up fast enough to a changing mindset and world which thinks gay marriage will in the end become a right.  – Just my opinion. I really do believe that gay marriage will become a right.

But I’ve heard arguments from religion saying it is unnatural, which then leads to arguments saying why you shouldn’t be allowed to marry your cousin or close family members. – As by law in most Western countries it is illegal to marry close family members due to the issues that come with inbreeding; such as birth defects.

But then I guess you are going argue to that those 2 close family members may not have sex, although unlikely, which is probably why there is a law for that. I kind of see it as a method of controlling whether or not birth defects would take place due to inbreeding, as by making it illegal and that throws that question out the window or simply it tries to prevent birth defects.

Now, people would say  that gay people bring AIDS and HIV to the medical argument, but this is simply not the case when one uses appropriate protection. Where this is simply not the case when it comes to inbreeding as there is no form of protection, other than deciding not to have sex. So the medical argument doesn’t throw me off one bit.

Then you’ll lead to the argument that gay people cannot reproduce, and thus will cause the extinction of the human race. – Even though by some margin the world is growing significantly by population and there are millions of children who have no parents. Surely in that respect a gay couple would do more to look after that child than an orphanage would, and in other respects they could be potentially better at parenting than straight couples. – I don’t see how religious people can miss details out like that, yet claim that gay people are potentially bad parents when straight parents can be what they describe in a bad parent.

Why must a child have a father and mother when brought up?

They can never back that up with fact. I browse Reddit while at work, and it was beautiful as I saw a person who had just graduated from University next to her parents who are both men. It seems she has done well for herself and that her parents did well in bringing her up and educating her. Can this be said about a lot of parents who are straight? The answer to that is yes but then there are those parents who are actually bad parents; it doesn’t come down to whether you are gay.

In the end it comes down to the individuals that bring up the children, it doesn’t factor at-all in my opinion, whether they are gay. Gay parents doesn’t suddenly equal: bad at parenting. That is clearly the wrong definition of ‘bad parenting’ which religious folk like to slander on about gay people/couples. At the end of the day, I think it is bigoted to look down upon gay people and to involve religion into public law by saying “that’s wrong” because my religion says so.

When opinions evolve…


Quite a few decades ago, you wouldn’t have had any public support for the right of gay marriage, but in a free-thinking society opinions evolve and people start to change their minds on issues like this.

They don’t look to religion as the answer to everything and they form their opinions when society changes and things that weren’t acceptable become more acceptable.

But I think it is bigoted in every sense of the definition for governments like the UK’s to not allow gay marriage based on religion. – When that same country and even other religions within that country denounce the treatment of gay people in other countries.

It’s time for everyone to start evolving their way of thinking and not hold back the rest of us who want to advance without religious opinion getting in the way.


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