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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

New Design

In light of Chinese New Year/Lunar New year, I changed the design of this website to something different. I was getting tired/bored of the old design; it had a few issues.

Plus, with this design I am able to do more – in terms of back-end changes and I think it looks better – all in all.

Old design:

New design:


Although when I look back at these screenshot’s, the first doesn’t look too bad; if I am honest. However I like change especially this change, I feel my website looks more modern.

New logo:

Jargoned Logo


The sub-logo or slogan says “Welcome to my life!” in Mandarin. I feel the language looks visually beautiful, so I used Mandarin for this reason.

Although most of this blog is in English, hopefully if anyone asks about what it means, they would have either of read this or they can alternatively just ask me. : ) Though I doubt many people read my blog anyway. 😛

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