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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Japanese food & new friends

I made some new friends who contacted me through e-mail when I posted an ad on 🙂 I got quite a few people contacting me who wanted to either just be friends or to help me learn Chinese. I urgently need help with Chinese. Plus these guys know other people I can made friends with, who I can chill with and just be friends with. The guy I did make friends with took me with his friend to a Japanese restaurant. The food was really nice, except for the  the Sashimi and Wusabi. I don’t like spice and it wasn’t just the spice or whatever the taste that was in those raw fish.

The food was great and they were nice people to talk to. They taught me how to say rice, which is said as “fun”. 😛 That will be quite easy to remember. To also say pork meat, you say it as “jewpie”. Haha.

It was fun and hopefully if or when I move onto the campus, I will be able to chill out with him and his friends, since my current “friends” at this university aren’t that active or aren’t that exciting. I don’t know but they don’t ask me if I want to go out or do stuff, so hopefully I’ve found friend who is actively wanting a good friend. (If that makes sense)

I had good fun with them. I have never been on a bike (Motor-bike or Scooter) so this was my first time and I was scared sh*tless. Every turn he made I would scream in fear of falling off or whenever he sped up, it frightened me a little. Okay, if you asked him, he would probably say I was screaming like a little girl. I kind of was, but hey it was my first time and those types of vehicles you need to get used to before you can like it. Or to put it another way, it felt like a roller coaster, it was fun but scary. But after a while you don’t mind it anymore and you overcome that fear.

It was great fun and a good excuse to go out rather than sit in-doors all day.

On another great note, I am also running around the park now, as opposed to the running track. The park is around 4 times the size of the running track, so I am hoping to do well. I could only do 4 runs around the park, where with the running track I can continuously go on running around 17 times without stopping. But the park is more of a challenge, it is much larger and the ground is harder. I’m hoping by the end of next week that I will be able to continuously run around 10 times without stopping. It is a stretch and I would say that is around 15 miles running in total.

I am hoping to do that everyday. It should increase my fitness level and tone myself up quite a bit. I am also going to be taking up swimming as I want a nice looking body when I visit Kenting, Taiwan. – Which has beaches that look absolutely fantastic and beautiful with (lots of girls) lots of nice blue water and I am also hoping to take up surfing! 🙂

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