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New design and organisation

From yesterday to now I’ve been spending time on a new look for my blog. I think I’ve done a decent job and I like the new look and theme that is designed by a group called Elegant Themes. (I use their themes for all of my blogs as they look superb)

This is 2013 now and this place needs more organisation and a better look. Which is why I’ve also introduced two new categories and they are: Travel & Programming. I have also introduced a coding resources page with resources to where I’ve linked to other sites where you can learn how to code in various programming languages, which is what I’ve been doing recently.


I realise that the site is slow and I’ll be honest by saying I have no idea why.

It’s nothing to do with the theme as the previous theme I was using was also having similar issues where the page would load only half-way and you could literally just the logo and maybe some content. I’m unsure as to whether that is my web host or because of something else. However, this blog is on a shared environment along with my other blogs and possibly with a load of other customers on the same server. But the thing to note is that on my other blogs I have not encountered this issues where everything is loading slowly.

It is definitely a buzz-kill as I don’t want to browse my blog anymore. I’ve optimized the MySQL database, deleted a tonne of spam comments and I have also disabled all plugins to no effect.

Hopefully I can sort out this slow loading issue.


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