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To god: Is this your idea of a sick joke?

Ok. This is a very odd and perhaps funny story.

So I was doing my daily exercise and I stopped to rest after continually running around this running track in my local park. I had a drink of nice freezing cold water in the 31 degree heat and then I saw this guy coming up to me, who looked young, but he was starring directly at me.

Now I don’t believe in god, but if there is something out there, is this your idea of a sick freaking joke? 😀

Ok, so I’m cool with the guy. He asks me where I’m from. I look foreign, so I thought, maybe he is just being nice or looking for a friend. But then he starts touching my hand and calling me handsome. Then he starts touching my head and my knee.

I say to him that I’m not gay but I don’t have a problem with gays and he persistent on touching me. I was flattered even though he was a dude, that he called me handsome. I don’t get that much and lets just say it was nice. (Would have been cooler though if it was a super-hot girl doing this though)

Ok, I tell him all this and ask him a few questions, then things just get weird. He keeps trying to touch me, but as I’m not violent and since he had no hostile intentions I didn’t hurt him. So I just moved away. Then I said I had to leave. He then FOLLOWS ME, and I ask him where he lives, he points at a direction and I say I live in the opposite direction. Then I say “bye” just to get rid of him.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with gay people, but when you start touching me and I’m expressing that I’m not fucking liking it. You back the fuck off.  So I said earlier that it was getting weird. He was asking if he could touch my body or under my t-shirt. I said no, I am not gay and then left it at that, but he kept asking and I gave the same answer. Then he said “do you want to play a game?”. I said what game is it you want to play? Then this guy pointed at his doo daaa which was the point where I was totally freaked out. Once I saw him go, I went back to do some more running. Luckily I shook him off, but fuck me that was the creepiest encounter I have ever had in my life. 😀

Hopefully I won’t ever meet this guy again. I felt like I was being molested by a man. I was close to getting angry, but I let myself be peaceful since the park is peaceful. But if I see him again and he touches me I will first tell him to fuck off and if he doesn’t I will either run away or beat him until he gets the point. Again I have no problem with gay people, just stay the hell away from me if you are going to touch me. Now if it was a girl that would have been another story… if she was hot well then… who knows what could have happened LOL!



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