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"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. "

Maybe getting a job

Tomorrow I might be getting a job with a friend of my mothers who’s husband owns a business which manufacturers software for cars to check their health. I don’t believe it is just software they make, but they also make tools which connect to your car to which you can plug in via USB into your computer to run tests.

I’m not sure exactly what type of job I am being offered, hopefully it is one with good pay. This would also change my future dramatically. My other option to become a citizen of Taiwan would have been to join the Taiwanese army to complete military conscription. I have always wanted to experience joining the military, but my family are really restrictive when it comes to that. They would rather I work and make decent pay and not get involved. I’m also looking out for my future, maybe I will have this job for a long time and I might become something from it. The company operates in Taiwan, the U.S., Japan and several other countries, so this company isn’t small and there are many prospects of further up the ladder jobs within the company. The fact that my mother is near enough best friends with the wife, makes this job quite secure hopefully.

I am just worried it won’t be a job that I am unable to do or a job that I will be good at. I mean if I am good at something I won’t mind doing it and my employer probably won’t fire me if I do it well. Whereas if I am useless at the job, I probably won’t last long. I also have to sort out getting a work permit, which hopefully won’t be too much of a problem and again hopefully they will know the steps and give me the right documents to apply for a permit.

While I am doing this I am still hoping to learn Chinese, albeit sucking at learning Chinese and kind of losing motivation with learning the language. I am just hoping that Chinese won’t be a requirement at this place as I couldn’t save my own life with the language if I needed to.

Though for me the perfect job would be as a model. I don’t particularly think I am good looking, but others say I am good looking and other people I have met so far want to introduce me to other women. Just staring into a camera and earning money would be pretty awesome. But I don’t mind going the corporate way of earning money if the job is good and the pay is at least decent. If the pay was pretty decent, I think I would get my own place in this country and start living life finally as an adult living by myself and just purely secure and self-dependent as opposed to being dependent on my parents. – I guess this is what I am looking for.

As for the Chinese and me being rubbish at it, well I will give it a go, I won’t give up now. I think I just need to practice at home more often rather than go on my computer all the time which is probably the reason others are a head of me. Though I have been practicing. But it just seems when we learn something new in class, everyone is very adaptive to learning and more importantly remembering what was said while I kind of lag behind there. I just need to find something I love doing and something I want to do.


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